Settling In

Hope is doing fine at the hospital. She quickly figured out that wet pants caused her to lose points and lost points result in loss of playground and pool privileges. She stopped peeing, at least for now.


Tomorrow is Monday, which is more work and less fun then weekends. She will need to talk the psychiatrist in charge and her therapist. That will be much harder for her. I am driving down to the hospital to see her and meet her team tomorrow.


I am still mostly numb, but it should start wearing off.

5 thoughts on “Settling In

  1. You’ve done the right thing, Mama. I’m more than happy to chat with you about our experience. Message me if you’re interested.

    One thing I recommend you do before your meetings tomorrow is make a written and detailed list of your concerns…and then make sure every one of them are addressed by the psych and the docs. At the top of my list was “This kid can’t come home until it’s safe for everyone.”

    And the numbness? It still hasn’t worn off for me, yet. :/

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