An Infant at Six

Last night was a milestone of sorts for Hope. Even though she is on powerful sleep meds (clonadine and risperidone) that have always knocked her out, she did not sleep. She didn’t rage. She didn’t attack me. She spent most of the night crying inconsolably. No words. No eye contact. Holding her didn’t help. Soft nothings didn’t help. Bringing her to bed with me didn’t help. It was as if I wasn’t there. It is six thirty in the morning. I haven’t closed my eyes. Hope’s cries have subsided to moaning and whimpering.


I have never seen this from Hope and have no idea what it means.

5 thoughts on “An Infant at Six

  1. I can’t tell you what it is either, but our boy MOURNED what happened to him before a big breakthrough. He couldn’t stop crying and it terrified him. I told him that the sadness needed to come out for him to heal. He wouldn’t allow much comforting either. I am praying HARD that Hope is mourning too, a huge step needed in healing. Praying for feelings awakening. Love you so much, sweet friend. (((hug)))

  2. I too was thinking about the recent attachment therapy and how much harder it was for her to feel sad than to feel angry. But also remembering you just changed meds a few days ago and wondering whether that could have anything to do with it. Hope that she is doing OK today, and that whatever change this is, is a turn for the better.

  3. Poor little girl. Hugs, really hope this turns out to be a step towards something more positive for her, and that you all get an easier day. {}

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