A Visit to the Psychiatrists for Hope

GB is off on a five day jaunt with her Dad, per doctor’s/AT orders. The Dad reported that GB is her relaxed and comfortable self. It was just Hope and I to see the psychiatrist this morning. Hope showed off some of the good that came out of that attachment therapy. She made good eye contact, tried to answer every question she asked respectfully and fully. Then the psychiatrist asked Hope to go the the waiting room so she and mommy could have a private conversation. Hope said “NO, you F* asshole” and then tried  to kick her. I had to “help” Hope to the waiting room.

After such a great start, the psychiatrist and I agree to switch her from Abilify back to Risperdal and worry about prolactin levels later. She also gave me the number for New York Presbyterian Hospital and said to call when I decided to have Hope admitted. She said they would take the information from me, call her(the psychiatrist) to get the clinical picture, and give me an admission date. She said I could do this as soon as the afternoon.

The psychiatrist also said Hope could not go on the cruise August 26th, it was a safety issue. Hope gets home on the bus in an hour and the waiver worker will be here in two. Monday morning and I am exhausted.

7 thoughts on “A Visit to the Psychiatrists for Hope

  1. Risperdal(sp) is something this house is familiar with as well. We had used another drug that starts with a D and had excellent results but the white cell count kept dropping and we were forced to search for other options.

    Why did you move your blog? I have been having issues with blogspot saying that my Google/Picasso was too full and I couldn’t upload anymore pictures or I would have to buy more space? I am not sure what to do…how are you liking wordpress?

  2. I’m confused….I thought the idea behind all the waiver services was to keep Hope out of the hospital. Is the psychiatrist just saying she’d put her in if she were you?

    • This is a classic “I am a savior” adoption blog. The author is setting the stage for having the child committed. There will be no happy ending for this child.

      • How would you know what kind of ending my child will have? I have managed not to have Hope hospitalized for over two years now. You remind me of the people who slow traffic by gawking at the accident as they drive by, not having a clue, living off others’ pain. You obviously haven’t bothered to read the blog.

      • You have NO CLUE Emily! You do not know this family and the commitment they have made to a very damaged little girl. But thanks for your extremely helpful insight. I’m sure we are all better off because of it.

  3. I don’t know “Emily”, how many children of trauma have YOU raised? You have no idea of how the behaviors of this child have brutalized her mom. IF there is no happy ending for this child it’s because of the behaviors and lack of love of her first family… I personally know this mom, and I can attest to her commitment to helping this child heal, in most families, this child would have been in a psych. hospital within a month of arrival. My son was committed on 9/2/09….after nine years of behaviors that increased dramatically as to levels of violence to the point where he tried to kill me.He was deemed “manifestly dangerous” by the state hospital review board and sent to a program specifically for other teens also declared the same. By the way, that boy, is downstairs asleep right now…no door alarms, the dog he abused has forgiven him and chooses to sleep at the foot of his bed. So, never say never you inconsiderate troll.

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