This is it. I have some new bruises from Hope last night, but today both girls are attending the first day of summer school. I have lists of people to call, things to pack, what we need to buy, and packing to do. 

I have some idea of what the next ten days will bring, but really I am clueless. We have never done an attachment intensive, so I am not sure how I am going to react, much less how The Dad and Hope will react.  My granddaughter is not happy The Dad is really going to make her go to Philly and babysit. She and MK put a lot of energy into convincing the Dad to just let GB stay here, with them, but alas it was for naught. GB is coming and so is she.

I plan to post the outline of what happens in the Intensive here and probably more about my reactions to it on the other blog. I know what we were doing wasn’t working, so there is a lot riding on this.

6 thoughts on “One

  1. I recently started following your blog and see you refer to your other blog. How do I find that one? My thoughts are prayers are with you during your intensive.

  2. Sorry, I tried to email you but it was an error. A little about me anyway. My husband and I adopted a sibling group of four through foster to adopted. They now are 4,5,7,8. They have all been exposed to drugs and alcohol. I came across your blog and was drawn in right away. I would be appreciate access to your other blog, however, I understand if don't want to. my emai is Thank you and wishing you success!

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