Three days left until Hope’s Intensive. The Dad left with everybody at 9 am this morning to go to Six Flags and I stayed home. Still resting and recovering, storing up energy for the Intensive. A very dear friend messaged The Dad and told him it was necessary. Hopefully it will help me through the next two weeks. I am not sure why he thinks Hope is up to Six Flags, especially without me, but I am hoping it works out and everybody has a nice time.

Tomorrow, I will post a GB update. Although she will be in Philly with us, by necessity, she won’t really be involved in Hope’s intensive.

8 thoughts on “Three

  1. Another trauma mama reflected on taking her kids to Disneyland. She said it was a win because so many neurotypical kids act horrible at the park her kids did not stand out!
    I do know as a trauma kid that I loooove rollercoasters and anything that goes fast and scares me. It is so great to feel the adrenaline without having a person to be scared of. Perhaps Hope will get the same relief as I did.

  2. Philly! That's 20 minutes from me! Wow, I'd love to pick your brain & have a drink if you were coming under better circumstances. Good luck. Good luck. Good luck!

  3. Giulia- Hope has a hard time self regulating when there is alot of stimulus around. She also ha a hard time making good decisions unless kept on a short leash (figuratively)

  4. Thank you GB's mom. So if I understood well, “six flags” means the degree of supervision she needs ?
    Just to be sure I have understood everything….

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