This Is My Life

Hope did not want to eat lunch before swimming yesterday. She threw her sandwich across the table, I said, “no swimming this afternoon” and we were off and running. Hope spent last night in respite and I emailed the attachment therapist to see how fast we could schedule our intensive.

GB and I took advantage of Hope’s absence. We went shopping, swimming, and then grilled. We tapped and she went to sleep last night in less than 5 minutes. She climbed into my bed this morning and we took advantage of our unscheduled time to cuddle.

I am still getting anonymous critics on my last couple of posts, but they aren’t particularly interesting  so I am just leaving them there. Our time with the Attachment Therapist convinced me that adopting Hope wasn’t a mistake. The waiver people are giving me plenty of one on one time with GB. There is no way that disrupting Hope is in her best interests. Or for GB’s for that matter. Adoption is forever. Hope may need an RTF, but we are still her family. Even children who can’t function in their family’s home, deserve to have that family. 

I am excited to begin our journey with Attachment Therapy. I hope it is soon.

10 thoughts on “This Is My Life

  1. I think a lot of people confuse adoption with long term foster placement. Adoption is about the relationship not the bed. Having a family is always better than not having one even if you can't live with them.

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