Services for Hope have finally kicked in. The crisis people are here within fifteen minutes. Her case manger is here for two hours on Mondays. She has an hourly respite/skill builder that starts Wednesday. Over night respite as needed. We have an appointment with an attachment therapist on the 19th from 12:30-5:30 and after that we will hopefully be able to do an intensive in the beginning of July.

There is a change in Hope. The threat of 911 has contained the violence. She gets in my face, makes animal noises as she pretends to claw me, and punches anything close to me. She argues about everything and escalates to screaming and crying when she can’t get anybody to engage. This alternates with RAD “I am so cute” ness. I think we have a good chance at maintaining until we see the attachment therapist.

9 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Hope all goes well with your services, and they make a good difference. Both times when Toots was getting ICM, we were promised overnight respite, but it never became available.

  2. Thank goodness. This has been sounding so hard. I can't believe how long you managed without help, and I'm glad the help is actually helping!


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