After an awful start to her day yesterday morning, Hope was stuck within arms length of me for the rest of the day. She did not get to go shopping, she did not get to go to the movies. She missed a soccer game and Tae Kwon Do. What she did get is a lot of my undivided attention. She colored. We baked brownies. We reviewed her safety contract. We talked about hospitals. We talked about respite. Hope asked me to tap with her. Not only wasn’t she fighting it, she asked for it. I was happy to oblige. Later, as I was putting her to bed, she asked me if I tapped with GB every night before bed. I said that I did. She asked me if I could tap with her before she went to bed. I did.

When she woke up this morning, she had another awful start. But yesterday, yesterday was progress!

14 thoughts on “PROGRESS!

  1. To see the title “progress” on you blog brought a smile to my face. Counting our blessings of progress no matter how small they are keeps that hope,that we so desperately need, alive. Yeah for progress!!!

  2. Even with all the garbage that she uses to push you away, she desperately wants you. I hope tapping every night becomes a love ritual that draws the true Hope out.

  3. This post made me cry. Tears of joy. So happy that yesterday had progress. I don't care how small it is….progress is still progress.

    You know I love you!

  4. Oh that is so wonderful! I remember reading a while back that it had been weeks and weeks without any change and you were clearly discouraged by it. Hold on to this one, and remember it because it is clearly a victory for you and all of your hard work.

  5. Yeah!!!

    Rituals are so important for kids, and to have tapping as a ritual is EXTRA good!

    Did you watch the “zoot, zoot” video that Lisa had on her blog a week or so ago? I think it was the second of three videos she had posted by a silly woman that likes to wear things on her head. Anyway, watch the “zoot, zoot” one. I've been doing it and it's powerful.

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