Therapy Tuesday Is No More

Today we went to see the girls’ psychiatrist. She gave her blessings to stopping therapy until we find a Dan Hughes trained attachment  therapist. We are currently on four different waiting lists for  therapists I have interviewed over the phone. I will interview them in person as they have openings. The psychiatrist is concerned with finding GB more time away from Hope and the stress that accompanies being near her.  That should be possible now that we have waiver services for Hope.

Hope had four vicious tantrums over the weekend. The Dad is no longer allowing her to triangulate (thank you, Michael!) and Hope is not taking it well. The waiver service social worker is coming today to help us set goals for Hope. I have no idea of how many hours we are going to get, but I am hopeful.

We had several instances of Hope acquiring things that do not belong to her.  Trying to track down where they came from.

5 thoughts on “Therapy Tuesday Is No More

  1. So glad you and The Dad are on the same page. Important for you and for Hope. She will trust him more now knowing he is in the know she can't manipulate him anymore. Crazy crazy stuff!

  2. I just found your blog. Very interesting thanks for sharing. We have 3 special needs kids aswell. Its always nice to read others journey as we muddle our way through ours.

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