The Cavalry Signed On

All the required people showed up for our 3:15 at 3:30 today. The Dad and I have all the required paperwork signed. We officially have 24/7 crisis intervention in place. Our waiver worker is coming again on Monday to start setting up skill services and respite services. Mean while, I am looking at attachment therapists. I have had enough Therapy Tuesdays. It is time for a change. The therapist we have is not working. Hope is 6.5 and I hear the clock ticking loudly.

8 thoughts on “The Cavalry Signed On

  1. SO glad they are coming! S has medicaid waiver services, skill building, crisis services, and respite. My experience is that the services are only has good as the direct service providers, and they have helped ME much more than they have helped S. I've decided that's ok. It gives me a break, it gets me ready to give more the next day, and it gives me someone to call in the middle of the crazies when I run out of ideas. I hope that it is all that and more for you!

  2. good job on getting all those things done!!! I hope you find a good attachment therapist. We are going to a behavioral therapist on the 1st with James and then they will schedule Missy in. I have 4 appointments set up at Children's Hospital for Psych evaluations. I'm on a roll and now James is acting like an almost normal kid. Isn't that the way it goes. Well, I know that he could turn the switch at any time so we are going ahead as planned.

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