Not Worrying About My Radlet

 Hope’s massive team meeting, set up by ICM will take place tomorrow, sans outside therapist. I have no expectations of actually getting help from this meeting, so there is no energy going into it.

I am concerned about GB. She came home with mixed feelings about spending time with her birth father. J was very unpredictable relating to her and did not do well with X. GB and X unabashedly enjoyed the time they spent together and were not happy to part.

Since we have been home, GB has requested extra cuddle time and several times has fallen asleep in my arms. She seems much more sensitive to Hope’s nasty remarks, which Hope tries to save for when no one is listening. I know GB needs more support and I am at a loss as how to provide it. There are many supports available for children with autism, but my gut feel is that the processing difficulties from the FASD is behind most of GB’s current struggles. Support for FASD is non-existent in my area.

I also have to admit I am not keen on leaving her for the Parenting in Space  weekend in less then two weeks.

GB’s needs get lost in the chaos RAD brings to our lives.

One thought on “Not Worrying About My Radlet

  1. You know I understand the worry about losing one child's needs in the chaos of another child. It sucks! So sorry GB is having such a hard time right now. Tell her Noah and I are sending love and hugs.

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