X’s IEP- The Interim

At X’s IEP Monday, one thing we accomplished was the initiation of a communication log. Tuesday, X came home with his communication log. It said, ” Behavior was out of control today”. No details. Hard to deal with.

X is busy writing a letter of apology and I am working on justifying an Individual Behavior Assessment.

7 thoughts on “X’s IEP- The Interim

  1. You seriously amaze me. Not only are you in the horrible thick of raising Hope but you drive 17 hours to do your grandson's IEP. You are truly a special person and I feel privileged to "know" you. I love your heart, it challenges me to be a better person.

  2. Depending on the teacher, "out of control" can mean anything from being late getting in line to return from recess, to attempting to gouge someone's eye out with a pencil. This is not very helpful. Is the teacher receptive to a little education? You really are amazing, that you went out there to help in the midst of everything you guys are dealing with at home.

  3. Have you thought about creating a form with the information you want? My IEP team has done that in the past to create a form that supplies all the information the parent wants in a way that is easy for the teacher. Remember teachers are filling out the forms at the end of a long day; the last thing they want to do is write a note reliving the highlights.We have found checklists covering pertinent positive and other behaviors are the easiest. Teachers hate paperwork as much as you do. There is more paperwork added to their caseload every year. With checklists they have an easy way to communicate about specific behaviors and moods. You are amazing. I would love to see you in action in a meeting. Have you thought about teaching or writing about being a strong parental advocate?

  4. She is amazing. Thanks mom ❤ it's hard when u guys leave. Without u my son would still b a mess, I will work on my knowledge but until then your the queen of our castles !!!!!

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