Faking it- An Improvement

GB and X are doing well together. Hope is struggling. She spent an hour this morning crying and repeating “I have to go in Daddy’s room.” The first time, I asked why. Hope said her shoes were in there. I told her she had to wait until The Dad woke up. The crying continued. She asked over and over again to go into The Dad’s room. An hour later she was still asking. It was pointless to say anything. Hope wasn’t listening.

When The Dad got up, Hope was still going strong. He told she couldn’t do anything until she was in control. She kept repeating, “Mommy won’t let me”. The Dad was repeating “you have to be in control”. Forty five minutes later, Hope was back in control. That was an hour and forty five minutes of her brain totally shut off. To top it all off, Hope’s shoes were not in The Dad’s room. That set off another cascade of crying. GB felt sorry for her and found the shoes.

I have kept my cool, at least externally. I still hear the little voice in my head saying,”The answer has been the same the last hundred times. Why do you think it is going to change?” Right now the words stay in my head, I get busy with something else and try to wait patiently for the nonsense to end.

I still have more work to do for X’s IEP. Tomorrow I will have pictures.

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