Hope’s CSE: Surrealistic

Hope CSE followed directly after GB’s. Ms. VY Teacher started by saying, “She is SNEAKY! We now see every behavior her parents have  told us about. The World’s Longest Honeymoon is over”.

I don’t really remember much else, but I would like to share a few of this years IEP goals with you:

Hope will reduce in class avoidance behaviors, such as unnecessary pencil sharpening, daydreaming, doodling, walking around, from 15 to 5 times a day.

Hope will reduce lying behaviors from 6 to 1 times per day.

Hope will reduce stealing behaviors from 5 to 1 times a day.

I have never seen IEP goals like these before. Academically, she is still reading on a kindergarten level. Her math skill are slightly higher.

In thirty years of fostering and adopting ED teenagers, I have never seen an IEP that resembles this one.

At the end of the meeting, Mrs. Director of Special Education suggested that we meet again in September to update  “Miss Sticky Fingers IEP”. Her words, not mine.

10 thoughts on “Hope’s CSE: Surrealistic

  1. I know she needs to learn to stop these behaviors but a professional calling my child "miss sticky fingers" would send me round the bend. That kind of talk was part of my (oh so many!!) issues with our state's public school experience. If they will say THAT to you, what do they call her in the teachers lounge when they think no one is listening and how does that impact how they treat her?

  2. I agree with Lee; labelling a child a thief is not at all professional. I can get on board with the goal of working on avoidance behaviors but not the other two. The teacher seems to be condemning your daughter as a lazy, lying thief.

  3. Whatever happend to phrasing IEP goals positively? What behavior are they going to teach her and do they want her to have in order for her to replace the non-functional behaviors? I do hope that the objectives looked better than the goal.

  4. I agree, they should be phrased positively, as skills to be increased, not behaviors to decrease. Build her skill to tell the truth, be willing to admit to errors in judgement, make her wants and needs known. This is basic IEP sense. Have you heard of Michelle Garcia Winner's work? It was originally developed for high functioning persons with ASD, but works well for all students with social cognition errors. Very positive curriculum.

  5. Yeah, they need to quit calling her names like that! Wow! She is 100% going to understand what their attitude is towards her. Those goals are odd…being that some have nothing at all to do with her education. Not that they are bad, if they are really helping her to overcome those things…

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