And The Cavalry Is A Comming!

A lot has happened in the last three days. We had two CSE meetings, Therapy Tuesday, new sensory activities, and made a couple of decisions. None of that makes the radar screen today. I am sure it will later in the week. So, the news that is the center of my life right now?

The cavalry is coming! The Dad and I met with the intake worker for the ICM (intensive case management) program for two hours. It is run by the Mental Health Association. We got the consent signing out of the way quickly, and started talking about Hope. We needed to go into her history in excruciating detail. I found that painful to do… the child comes from such a difficult place.

Next we had to list all of Hope’s needs, and prioritize them. We ended up with anger management, impulsiveness, sexual acting out, and physical aggression. We then listed our needs. We need an in-home tutor so that we are out of the daily homework battle. Weekend respite. A number to call to bring in reinforcements when the Raging starts. Time for GB. Most importantly, an agency who has our back when we get turned into CPS, which is inevitable. 

I feel hope and confidence that raising Hope is possible.

Yay for the cavalry!

11 thoughts on “And The Cavalry Is A Comming!

  1. Amen! I remember going through that with our Goldilocks(11). It was a relief to have help arrive and lasted for 6 years. We lost services about 2 years ago, however she is in such a better place that we are hanging in there.Blessings,Dawn

  2. Hope all goes well with ICM. You're in New York, right? We've had ICM twice for Toots, through Suffolk County. The program and the staff definitely helped her, and us, while we were receiving the service. Unfortunately, it was not able to make a lasting difference for her. I wish better luck for Hope.

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