Mid-Day Report

It has been a whole day of just Hope and I. Nobody to triangulate, no play options but me. We started cleaning the play kitchen after breakfast and found all the dishes and pots had been smeared with Vasoline. I gave myself a 15 minute time out and a cup of tea and then the two of us carried them to the real kitchen to clean up.

We have read books, cuddled, colored, emptied the dish washer and tried to hoop. Hope is practicing listening the first time, with swimming tomorrow dangling as the reward. 

It is much easier to live with Hope when it is just the two of us!

One thought on “Mid-Day Report

  1. I'm so glad your bonding time is going smoothly. It's amazing how the complicated-ness of multiple relationships within a family can be so hard on our kiddos. I usually have a wonderful time when it's just the two of us…no competition between siblings, no triangulation, the neediness goes way down. I pray that much of your "filling her up" will stick this week after everyone comes back.

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