What a Prize!

Hope comes home from school, all excited because she “earned” a prize. She shows us an ipod. We are stunned and speechless for a solid minute. The Dad recovered first and took the ipod from her. He turned it around and saw his name and phone number etched on the back of the ipod. No explanation convinced Hope she was caught. 

Now it seems funny in a lot of ways. After all, she IS only 6. It is also scary. Hope’s ability to see things as she wants them to be, instead of how they are, has me worried about the future.

4 thoughts on “What a Prize!

  1. Oh, I am trying so hard not to laugh, with little success. Reminds me of when Akila stole our school superintendents's cell phone. Too funny. Glad I can laugh at it now. Stealing is the least of my concerns. Hope you don't mind my laughing, it is with you not at you.!!

  2. oh man. I remember my brother doing this. My parents would get so worried. I remember my Dad saying, "What is most frightening, is that he actually seems to believe his own story."Happily, in his case, he outgrew it by his late teens.

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