Valentine Day has passed, but Hope continues to escalate. Since Hope sabotaged the Holter monitor again, we see the pediatric cardiologist on Wednesday and pray that he will clear her for meds. The school keeps inquiring about meds. 

I have an intake worker coming from an intensive keep-the-child-in-the -home-program, hopefully to give more support until we can somewhat stabilize Hope on meds. We are NOT contemplating an out of home placement for her. However, her behavior warrants it and we are getting services based on that. Having more support in the house while I am busy enjoying ORLANDO can’t be a bad thing for The Dad.

In case I have given anybody the impression that I always know what to do, I want to state here; there are many times when I am just guessing or am too T.I.R.E.D to be therapeutic. Today might be one of those days. I will know when Hope and GB get off the bus at 3:30.

5 thoughts on “T.I.R.E.D

  1. I think if anyone thinks you think you know it all that person doesn't understand parenting such tough kids! I wing it so much as there is no set technique for parenting such hurt children and also feed other family members literally and also emotionally, spiritually and so on and oh yeah we are supposed to take care of ourselves too! Then we have various therapists, doctors throwing out their ideas and deep down I think they are winging it too as each child's truama is so unique. I feel I am fortunate and I may be blasted for this, but we are only fostering our rads, but have remained committed to them for a few years as their plan played out – honestly I am ready for this ride to be over – do not want to take this ride again, so huge hugs to you for the absolute commttment you gave to Hope and continue to give her as you also parent GB and keep her unique needs met too. You are an amazing mom and family and I admire your sticking with this journey of caring for and loving such hugely traumatized children. I personally think it sucks that we didn't hurt the kids, yet we get all the criticism – Ironic eh?

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