Week Eight Begins

We started week eight of Hope’s total meltdowns. Yesterday she went for a drink in school- a journey of approximately 20 feet. One of the aides saw Hope turn and start back. When she looked again, Hope was gone. Ten minutes of frantic searching later, she was found hiding in a first grade closet, on a different corridor. She lost half of her Valentine Day Activities and refused to do anything else. She came home agitated and oppositional.  We topped her day off with Therapy Tuesday, which pushed her over the cliff. She stopped trying and just fought. This morning, I insisted on strong sitting before breakfast. It took her twenty minutes to decide to cooperate, which left her less than 10 minutes to eat. She refused to carry her book bag to the bus. I handed it to the bus driver. She refused to take her book bag off the bus. GB delivered it to her classroom.

It is 10 am and I already have my first three emails about Hope today. She is defiant and oppositional and has already spit on somebody. This afternoon, Hope and I will practice following basic commands, such as stop, wait, sit, and quiet. I think we may be approaching rock bottom. It would be nice to see a little progress. 

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