A New Day

I am writing this morning BEFORE Hope wakes up. This is probably the clearest and most positive my mind will be today.

We are still doing strong sitting before meals and snacks. Yesterday, for the first time, Hope told me she was going to hurt me in the middle of the night, while I sleep. I assured her that, while she may be angry and want to, I wasn’t going to let that happen.

I am making sure Hope and I get regular skin to  skin time, in spite of her almost constant blow ups.

I am still fighting with St. Peter’s Hospital to get the Holter monitor results. You would think HIPPA laws were designed to keep information away from mothers… at least St. Peter’s seems to think so.

GB is showing signs of extreme stress- constant tears, often about nothing. We will get Hope in her own room, hopefully this Sunday.

As soon as I get the Holter monitor results, I have Abilify in the house to start Hope on. I was leaning towards Seroquel, but the real (read not school) psychiatrist wants to try Abilify first since it typically has fewer side effects.

Exactly three weeks from this moment, I will be on a plane to Orlando. I can’t imagine The Dad soloing for 4 days with Hope the way she is. So much anger in such a small package.

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