It’s All Our Fault…

Hope is in the midst of a major regression. We have gone back to the basics. Tomorrow’s post is on strong sitting. A couple of weeks ago, The Dad had written to the Texas parents, asking if, for Hope’s sake, they would be willing to talk about the trauma Hope experienced. Today he got a response. They said they would think and pray about the answer to the Dad’s question. 

More interestingly, part of their email read:

                   Sadly, we believe that her feelings of abandonment are heightened because of her inability to remain in contact with us.  The very thing we felt so strongly about has now happened, without Hope’s control or ours.  In an ideal situation, both families agree to communicate and embrace the pain and loss, in order to help the child and family come to a place of restoration, healing and forgiveness.

Despite every person involved with Hope’s mental health have advised against any contact at this point, the Texas parents remain stuck where they are. I have known disruptions where on going contact works and is even desirable. They are not her birth family, but they are the only family she ever had.  My RADling is currently stuck in her behavior, but slowly she is starting to share what happened in Texas. As long as she is slowly sharing the trauma, I am not inclined to allow contact with Texas until I understand what went wrong.

6 thoughts on “It’s All Our Fault…

  1. Sorry, but it is selfish for them to refuse to tell you what happened (which as far as I can see, is what telling you they will "pray about it" is. A passive-aggresive way of refusing.) and then try and put the blame at your feet!Way to see past yourselves and help a very badly hurt little girl, Texas-Praying-Family. I'm sure God is proud of you.Good on you, New Family for protecting her.

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