Not This Week

Therapy Tuesday was better than last week. Hope’s screaming stopped before  9 pm. Of course the last half of my preemptive plans never had a chance. On the way home from therapy we received a call from a very upset MK. She had picked up Mali from his father and there was something wrong with his arm. Since the Dad was driving, I talked MK to the emergency room. We went to the hospital and the Dad stayed with her and the baby. Mali had a dislocated elbow.

Hope was not happy. She started with the phony whine/cry and repeating over and over “I am not going to bed without Daddy”. When we got home, I told her to get pjs on and that is when she went off for real. She tried to kick me until I got her up the stairs and into bed. The screaming in bed lasted over an hour.

I am thinking that we need to simplify and go back to the beginning. We need to practice basic commands and strong sitting. The TV is off until we master those skills (again). I am not sure when we lost them, but I need them back. Soon.

6 thoughts on “Not This Week

  1. So the dislocated elbow was a nursemaid's elbow, right? Happens very easily to young toddlers, easy to fix. Just posting because someone who doesn't know might assume something terribly violent had been done to his arm.D.

  2. Argh, poor Mali. Six whole days before you have to face another Tuesday, hope the strong sitting helps – I'd love to know how useful you've found it with your children and how you teach it.

  3. That happened to my Bryant's elbow more than once when he was a toddler. If it happens once it happens even more easily again. The doctor ended up showing me how to put Bryant's back in. Amazing how bad it hurts but how instantly it stops hurting when it is put back in place. Certainly scary the first time it happens. Glad he is okay. 🙂

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