Not -So-Good-Moment with Hope

Hope and GB played nicely for over an hour and a half this morning. I enjoyed admiring their art work and listening to them talk to each other about what they were doing. I told them to clean up for lunch and watched Hope switch to her “I am going to make you miserable” face. I praised her for the good morning she had. Hope escalated while we were eating lunch. Just as she finished her first helping she kicked me. I calmly took her to the mat. She is on it and raging, after first going a couple of rounds with The Dad. The Dad and GB went to WallyWorld to get baking supplies and a laundry basket, MK and Mali are napping, and I am reading blogs, checking FB, and doing email. Nobody is waiting for Hope to stop. A fire and a glass of wine sound really good. The fireplace is right here and I am going to turn it on.

4 thoughts on “Not -So-Good-Moment with Hope

  1. A fire and wine sound like just the thing after being kicked by a surly tot.How do you keep Hope on the mat? My kids always stayed in the Time Out chair, which surprised me because there was nothing stopping them from walking away. It helped that they were NT and reasonably well behaved.

  2. I can't keep her on the mat. She knows that nothing else good can happen until mat time is over. And I hold the ultimate power… if I have to fight mat time too often or too long, I declare her day officially over. If her day is over, the next time she gets off the mat, it is bed.

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