Hope rages on…

Hope again raged over homework last night. She woke up this morning and immediately continued. I don’t understand how she can be that angry before she has opened her eyes. My current theory is that her “reset” button is broken. The Dad was able, after about 20 minutes, to cuddle her and settle her down. The rest of the morning was uneventful and she got on the bus without a problem. The bus gets to the school by 9 AM. By 9:40 I had an email from the teacher that Hope was having a very difficult morning and when Hope told her what was happening, she was unable to understand Hope’s explanation. I replied that is why we are going to the CSE on Monday to add individual speech to her list of services, because we also frequently find ourselves unable to figure out what Hope is trying to say. Hope hasn’t had a good week.

3 thoughts on “Hope rages on…

  1. My son also wakes up angry, especially if there is a low pressure front on its way! He is very sensitive to weather(?) We also found that getting him something to eat QUICKLY helped alot since his body is very sensitive to drops in blood sugar as well. I make his breakfast before he wakes up so he doesn't wait/rage. I also get his adhd meds into him as quickly as possible. We had a devil of a time finding the right combination. We at last have found some success using Daytrana patch, notriptylene, and abilify.Thinking of you.. and praying for some good days.

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