Hope No Likey Homework

The girls came home from school yesterday, had a snack, and sat down to do homework. In less than thirty minutes, GB’s homework was neatly done, correct, and in her book bag. Hope had done one problem and had done it incorrectly. It wasn’t rocket science- just writing a number sentence to go with a picture. All she needed to write was 4+1= 5. We went over the picture, and wrote the corresponding number for each group of balls directly on the picture. Since she has been writing number sentences for homework for the last 6 weeks, I reread the directions and told her to fix her number sentence. When she came back with 4+5=1. I knew she had shut her brain down. At this point I told her, like I usually do, that we would work on the homework for 1/2 hour and then put it away. Today was different. The Dad was home. Hope informed me she didn’t need my help, her Daddy would help her. The Dad came in the room to help her with her homework. He quickly figured out Hope wasn’t interested in actually doing the work, she wanted him to do it for her. He wouldn’t. At that point, all was left was the rage. Short Version: She screamed, stomped her feet, slammed doors, and eventually started throwing things at people. It was almost 5 when the Dad had enough and put her to bed kicking and screaming.

This morning, we put her incomplete, damaged homework sheets in her folder. Ms. Very Young Teacher is starting to come around. I received an email from her saying that Hope was busy taping the homework sheets together and would be completing them before starting on today’s work.

Both girls’ CSE meetings have been rescheduled for Monday. So far, a productive morning 🙂

6 thoughts on “Hope No Likey Homework

  1. I hope you're starting to feel better!!! After several years of fighting the homework thing, I got in Akila's IEP that she has to do no homework. It has been a blessing to let go of those homework rages. It is all they can do to hold it together all day in school, and to expect them to sit and do more of it at home, is ridiculous!!!!

  2. We had a similar battle with my daughter last night. She will do her homework, but how she wants to and not following directions. However, when I tell her that she needs to correct it, we go into meltdown mode. She ended up in bed at 6:30. I sent the teacher an e-mail and she said they will be completing the work today.

  3. OMG…we also struggled with homework causing severe agression issues. The quality of our family life suffered greatly.After many battles with the school, we were able to negotiate a schedule change for my son which allowed him extra time at the end of the day and first thing in the morning (when meds were effective)to complete assignments with the help of an aide. The aide also had the authority to modify his assignments if they were too much for him.School also started a high school mentor program where older high school boys could come and help my son (and others with the same difficulty) to complete his assignments. For some reason(?) don't know why…these older boys and their masculine energy seem to calm my son's defiant attitude. They were much more effective at motivating my son..than any of us teachers or parents! High school kids also got credit for community service.Sending you strength and prayers!

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