Trying for Quiet

It took her almost a week, but Hope has figured out that I can not make her do anything as long as I have to stay in bed. She is an unhappy little girl because since she has made it clear she was not listening to me I am not letting her in the room with me unless The Dad is also here. She tried to convince The Dad she had listened to me, but his logic buried her.

Everyone could use a break around her. Everybody (but me) is playing the Wii now and I am hoping they will burn off some excess energy before bed. I get my stitches out Friday, so  we will all be able to go swimming next weekend. My grandson ran full speed into the window ledge. He is so fast it is scary. I am a little bit happy that I am incapacitated, since nobody currently expects me to keep up with him. These days he usually looks like he is a prize fighter. Hope bumped her chin against the bus window Thursday and had a small, nasty looking wound. She has been picking hat it since and is now bigger and uglier. She wants me to make it better. We are not doing well on cause and effect at the moment.

My goal is to get through the rest of the weekend quietly. Hope still hasn’t has her bloodwork, Maybe Monday morning…

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