Still Here…Sort Of

This is just an update because I don’t have anything else in me at the moment.

* GB has been on the ant-psychotic loxapine for 5 days now. It has taken the edge off the mania, but I am hoping for so much more.

* Hope’s birthday has come and gone, the tantrums still linger rage on.

* Texas parents sent Hope a big box of gifts. Didn’t open it, haven’t answered their last email, Hope hasn’t brought them up.

* GB’s respite provider died last night. They never did control the pain.

* I had back to back CSE meetings set up for tomorrow, for a total of three hours. I had to cancel them.

* I had to cancel them because the minor surgery I was having done in an outpatient clinic morphed into real surgery at the hospital tomorrow because of my ongoing medical problems.

* They knocked down my parents house today. It now looks pretty much as it did before they started building 23 years ago… an empty lot. The koi pond is gone.

My mother always said if you have nothing positive to say, be quiet. That is not what she did, only what she said. 

14 thoughts on “Still Here…Sort Of

  1. I am so so very sorry. Have you had the surgery? Sure hope you are feeling better soon!! It might be a saying, but it is also the truth, "Momma's don't have time to be sick"! Praying for peace in your house!!

  2. Well, since you've got comments from the 5th and comments have to approved, I'm happy to think that means you are working on getting back on your feet. It was clearly a week of total suckiness for you. Sometimes I wonder if my body keeps trying to make me ill enough to send me to the hospital so I have to leave my household stress behind. Problem is that bodies don't understand that hospitals are not restful places.I hope you got rest anyway. I hope you are still resting, but I very much doubt that is true.I won't hug you 'cause I don't know where you hurt and I don't want to squish the wrong place. So think of me as holding your hand right now. : )

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