Hope, Party, and No Social Skills

Hope’s birthday party was today. GB has been fragile since we cut pack the Invega. Only two of the nine other kids in Hope’s class came. GB’s NT friends filled in the gap, but when the party was over, Hope wanted to know why her other classmates weren’t there. I told her I didn’t know, because I couldn’t tell her she has no friends because she has no social skills. Not only would that have been negative, but it probably would have ignited a meltdown. I need to get Hope’s IEP out and write some smart goals for social skills before the next CSE meeting. It was a strange party… the birthday girl didn’t interact with most of her guests.

4 thoughts on “Hope, Party, and No Social Skills

  1. Doesn't that make you hurt for her. My daughter and I actually had a conversation about that today. I had no idea how to explain to her she has no social skills either.With Hopes IEP will they help her with that? I don't know anything about IEPs, they won't put my daughter on one because she has no behavior problems at school. They don't notice that she sits on the playground by herself because no one will play with her.

  2. I hate birthday parties. 1)K never gets invited to any and 2)when it's her bday I have to pad the guest list so I know at least a few kids will come. My other issue is that I have no clue who is even in K's class or who she might have any connection with, so it's a total guessing game with invites (they don't send home class lists and if you have a party they won't help you with invites unless the whole class is invited). We are working on getting more social goals in the IEP, too.

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