Back to Day One

The Dad left this morning. He will be in Michigan for 6 days. Naturally, Hope melted down this morning. Only I didn’t see it coming. She was great until 5 minutes before the bus came. We gathered up school stuff and I told both girls to get their jackets. It was raining. Hope told me she didn’t need to get her jacket. Again I asked her to get her jacket, in  a consciously neutral voice. She started screaming and crying that I hated her and she didn’t need a jacket. She hit GB and I lost my attitude. I was very negative when I told her to put her coat on NOW. She walked out into the rain without a coat. The bus came and both girls are gone- GB dry, Hope wet. The consequences of the morning? Hope has no TV today and I am back at Day One tomorrow. Sigh.

4 thoughts on “Back to Day One

  1. Hang in there … tomorrow is a new day. Just taking the challenge comes from a great attitude! I've been thinking that I need to do it along with you, but haven't made the commitment yet.

  2. I know that it is so hard to keep your therapeutic britches on in the midst of the battle. Seems to me that she was expressing fear about dad being gone. Fear that you wouldn't be able to keep her safe by yourself. (You know you can, GB knows you can but maybe she doesn't?) But, so easy to say, so hard to do. I moved back to square one many, many times. We are human. Give yourself grace and sneak in an extra snuggle if she'll let you. The great thing about Day One is there is a Day Two.

  3. oh hon, hang in there, take a deep breath, make something hot to drink and remind me later to tell you what happened last week at my house, it will make you feel WAY better cause you will be laughing so hard it will hurt.

  4. I dunno. Seems not quite right to have to start over just because you are human. It is always harder if you don't see the trigger, don't have a clue the tornado is landing (because it was a sunshiny day!) If you had to go back to day 1, did you at least get to release (in private) the negative stuff you've been wanting to say?

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