Day 1 Report

Yesterday was day one of attitude challenge. I had Hope all day, and while I was much quieter than normal, I succeeded without much trouble. GB was home and I had the girls together for three hours. A little harder, but still a success.

The more difficult part of day one was in the evening. The Dad and I went out to dinner with three friends. My humor tends to have a sarcastic bite to it. My dinner company and I  enjoyed ourselves. The Dad continually monitored my conversation and repeatedly asked if what I just said was positive or neutral. It was mostly sarcasm, which is not positive, but can be enjoyable. I might add, it wasn’t at his expense. Since I won’t be going out to dinner again in the next thirteen days, the situation will not arise again.

3 thoughts on “Day 1 Report

  1. I will have to say it sounds like you did really well and we all need to cut loose with our friends on occasion. I for one love sarcasm so long as no one gets offended which it sounds like you did not do.

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