Our Weekend

The girls had a busy weekend. GB enjoyed it a lot.  Hope took Rad with her. She enjoyed the weekend,up until she didn’t.

Saturday, GB went food shopping with me, while Hope had her dance class. They were both happy. Afterwards, GB’s bio-grandparents picked them up and took them to a fall festival. GB had a great time and spent most of her time with her grandfather. Hope got into a power struggle with the grandparents and lost. Grandpa took GB off to get an air tattoo, and Hope stayed with Grandma trying to get her attitude corrected.

On Sunday, the Dad and MK took all three kids to a different fall festival. Everybody had a great time until Hope heard the word “no” and started screaming and crying. Everybody had to leave.

Monday, MK and I took them apple picking. I made Hope hold my hand for the first hour. She was unhappy. I told her when she demonstrated self control with a good attitude she could let go of my hand, as long as she stayed very close to me. She was able to do that and enjoyed picking the last few apples. Once we were done apple picking, I had my RADling back for the rest of the day.

Today is Therapy Tuesday, so I get to get them off the bus and drive an hour to therapy. Tuesdays are usually Hope’s worse day.

I am grateful that GB did pretty  much the same things she would have done on a fall weekend before Hope joined us and enjoyed herself. Hope is still baiting GB, but GB is getting much better at reacting with words, rather than physical aggression. My balance is getting better.

2 thoughts on “Our Weekend

  1. Hope your evening is better than you expect. So jealous of the apple picking! Though if the weather ever cools in Florida we'll have oranges (no "you pick" places in our area, though).

  2. We are foster parents and we adopted our first placements. The oldest has autism, her little brother is fine. I commend you for adopting a child with RAD. That's one thing I don't think we could do. I liked your post about adopting special needs. Adoption changes your life and the way you look at life. I'm happy I found your blog. I need to start writting again on mine.

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