CPS and X

A report was called in to CPS that said when my grandson spends a weekend with BioMom (known around here as B3), she leaves him alone with his 10 month old half sister and he babysits and changes her diaper. X is six! X confirmed the report, B3 denied it. CPS isn’t sure they need to follow up. If I was physically in Michigan, I would probably be in jail on charges of assaulting an the idiot. He goes with her again Friday after school. I am leaning towards hiring a private investigator to follow her around all weekend.

Anybody saner than I am have ideas that are more productive?

6 thoughts on “CPS and X

  1. So frustrating! I remember reading case histories when we were searching for a child and reading stuff like DCF was in the home 15 times before the child was removed. Argh! I can't imagine how frustrating it must be when it's your grandson in danger and in another state.

  2. The 6 year old confirmed and they don't think they need to do anything??? Ugh. There were very similar reports about my son's biofamily, it took YEARS for CPS to actually act. A private investigator is not the worst idea I have ever heard. Good luck!!!

  3. Could you call and see if cps would show up in the middle of the weekend when she is normally gone? Or better yet call the local police dept and have them stop by.Good Luck Kay

  4. Yet when my ex reported me out of spite (the cops had called CPS on him and he thought I'd done it) they went to my boy's school before they even interviewed me! Oddly, the times I've had CPS over I had young, eager, non-disallusioned case workers. Perhaps there is a string you can pull somewhere to get one of those assigned to X's case?The problem w/ the private investigator idea is "then what?" What do you do w/ a video of child endangerment? Give it to the police, who will just bring in CPS and may try to charge the person taking the video w/ collusion? Give it to the media?I do understand the frustration! My ex's nephews and neice were being "home schooled" by their parents who were both psychotic delusional. (They believed the youngest was the product of an IRS kidnapping.) Absolutely NOTHING I could do about it.

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