Held Hostage By A Cat

I have a beautiful, cameo cream Maine Coon cat. She has a lot of strange habits. She nibbles on my ear at night, makes nests out of blankets, and loves to pull the magnetic end of my MacBook charger off. The wire has been pretty beat up and finicky as to whether it will charge or not. I decided to use electrical tape to fix it. I carefully wrapped the electrical tape around the damaged part of the wire. Now my MacBook won’t charge at all.I ordered a new charging unit. It was suppose to come yesterday. Last night I received an email from Apple saying it was delayed. No new date. My charge on my MacBook is almost gone. I guess I will have to be quiet until the cord comes.

3 thoughts on “Held Hostage By A Cat

  1. My cat is obsessed with my computer charger cord, too! Just yesterday she was chewing on it and I told her to stop and kept moving it away. Fininally I told her she'd be grounded if she did it again. She growled at me and bit my hand when I tried to move it. I told her, "That's it. You are grounded." What is wrong with me? Grounding a cat.

  2. My Maine baby came home as a kitten the day after I put the Christmas tree up….. boy did I see a hundred ways of smashing ornaments that holiday! (He was worth every one.. he just always looked so surprised.) Then he grew up and took to catching mice in the garden, bringing them into the living room which has a wooden floor,and slinging them across the room. Mice slide on wood, you wouldn't think it, would you? I had a mouse rescue kit on permanent stand by.

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