Hope’s Rages

Hope has not raged since I dragged the papoose board out. The next morning I told Hope I would not be restraining her any more. I told her if she tried to hurt herself or anyone else, I would just get the papoose board out and we would use it to keep everybody safe.

Hope has not had a good day since. Interestingly enough, she also hasn’t raged. She has been openly defiant, cries frequently, and yells and threatens on a regular basis. The “poor me”s are running rampant. She has not crossed the line to a rage. Obviously, she has more control than I thought.

5 thoughts on “Hope’s Rages

  1. Our son struggles with being 'confronted' over his bad behavior too. He wants boundaries, but hates them because that means someone else is in charge. He gets sullen, like Hope. Praying for a better day today, for her to turn the behavior around.You are a great Mom! (((hugs)))

  2. It is absolutely amazing how much control they have when they seem to be completely out of control. I have found the same to be true with my Jackson. We are using gaining of privileges (things that "normal" kids get to do on a regular basis, like tv, video games, outside play, riding bike in road with me watching…) when he behaves properly and it is amazing how controlled he is. We are actually getting through the mornings without screaming and homework is getting done without a meltdown. Whew…it sure is nice.I wish the same for you. **Not saying rewarding with privileges would work for you. You know so much more about RAD than me so I am NOT giving advice. 🙂

  3. It took Tim a long time – and a good dose of maturity – to realize when he was raging out of control because of anxiety or perceived unfairness. He's much better at catching himself now. I know it's no comfort to say, "just wait until she's 17," but the day DOES come! hang in there.

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