Blogs For a Cause

I love my blogs new look! I wanted to support the Orlando Scholarship Fund’s auction. Since Corey had put so much work into it, I could at least be a supporter. That I also believe in the cause didn’t hurt either. One of the items I bid on (and won) was a blog update. I am older than most of the Trauma Mamas and did not grow up in the age of technology. Using a blogger template, I can make and maintain a basic blog set up, but most of the neat things I saw on the blogs I follow are beyond my abilities and knowledge. Nikki, at Blogs For A Cause, generously donated a blog make over to the auction. I kept my same layout, picked out a digital scrap booking set (the one I chose was free) and sent her some pictures for the header. I only started sending Nikki information 2 days ago. Within 24 hours, she had sent me a link for her first try. I asked her to change the picture of GB in the header. She took the picture I sent her, flipped it so GB faced the other way and I now have an updated blog that I am thrilled with.

A basic blog update like mine costs $30.00, which I thought was a bargain. But  Blogs For A Cause is more than quality work for a good price. All monies made are used to support endeavors educating children in poverty stricken countries around the world and other charities. Nikki, who does the actual work, has a blog at She does an excellent job of sharing what her Blogs For A Cause earnings accomplish. I love to support people who have a passion for making the world a better place. If any of you are looking for a blog update, I would appreciate it if you would check out her website. I know there were a couple of people bidding against me 🙂

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