Laughing Is Always Better

I have been reading up on Borderline Personality Disorder. It is one of the common conditions that an unhealed RADish ends up with as a diagnosis. I just started my third book this week. It is different than the first two I read because it is not written by a professional. It is written by a man who is married to a women with Borderline Personality Disorder, from the perspective of how to survive and not buy in to the persons problems.  The name of it is When Hope Is Not Enough. I started reading about Borderline Personality Disorder because I was looking for new ways to relate with my oldest daughter. It is an interesting book. Last night, after the girls were in bed, I picked up the book to read until I could sleep. The title had slipped my mind- I just remembered that it had a green cover. When I noticed the title I started laughing. Hope is ALWAYS enough. Better laughing than crying.

4 thoughts on “Laughing Is Always Better

  1. It's interesting that you mention WHINE. Great book in my mind. I've put the practices into my life at various levels and it helps out A LOT. My stepdaughter's mother is borderline and we're still fighting to get the little one out of foster care. We were terrified of RAD due to the neglect, but she's bonded so well with the foster parents! I've found that I don't like Stop Waling on Eggshells because it does not seem to work other than to give the non a feeling of superiority.

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