Good Night, Irene

Thanks to Hurricane Irene, there was no CSE this morning. We had no real problems. Lost internet, cable and our land line. Have zillions of reasonably small branches all over the yard and a pool filled to the brim. However, all around us, rivers and creeks overflowed, trees went down, roads were washed away. Most people in my county still have no power. The school has no power.

The Director of Special Education has no idea of how to meet GB’s needs in district. GB has decided she wants to be home schooled. That won’t meet her social needs at all.

The Dad is going away, so there will be no CSE before school starts in a week. I am not happy.

Incidentally, I wanted to thank everybody who responded to my last post. Before I cried, I went through my usual you-are-ours-forever spiel, but it didn’t seem like enough. I finally told her she couldn’t leave until she was old like me. There was clear disbelief on her face that slowly changed to a smile. I am not naive enough to think the abandonment issue is resolved, but I am hopeful that we took a tiny step in the right direction.

7 thoughts on “Good Night, Irene

  1. I know you are well versed in the special ed law in your state, but something to check on . . . In Indiana we have a stipulation in Article 7 (our special ed law) that states that the state is required to provide free and appropriate placement. If that placement does not exist for my child, it must be created. I use that line all the time in CSE. You should see if there is similar wording and throw that at them. Always makes my district move!

  2. I am glad you and your have as "little" damage as you do from Irene (but it still sounds like a lot fo work!).I am sincerely sorry about the seemingly dead-end for GB. "Seemingly" because we just never know what is around the corner or what might help! I totally get the thoughts on homeschooling! We have thought about that for Sam, but in truth we would not be helping him in the most serious of his areas of need…social. Loved the comments about forever…. they made me laugh, and they made her understand! That is what matters most! Amanda

  3. Ha, I am glad that made it sink for her. Up until about 2 years ago my 13 year old said she would never leave our home, never go to collage, she would live with us and be a gymnastics coach for the rest of her life…funny how things change…she is counting the days until she can get away from all of us! I wonder if there is a way to home school in your state and still get her the services and socialization she needs?

  4. I'm glad to hear that you're okay; I've been thinking of you. I've seen some of the pictures and they're unbelievable! I *might* be heading up your way this weekend…depends on whether or not there's power, and on the status of my sick kids.SO sorry about the situation with GB! Praying that they come up with some sort of an acceptable solution…

  5. My daughter would like to be home schooled also. The social stuff at school is really hard for her. There is this little thing our family needs called MONEY though and I couldn't make any if she was home all day! She told me last night that when she's married, she'll just keep her pajamas here because she'll still need to come to me for a shower. Then her Dad and I will have to drive her home to tuck her in, so she figures it will be easier to just sleep in her old room and go to her house with to see her husband during the day.

  6. So glad that your family is okay. You have an amazing job to bond with the little RADs. Here's a virtual hug and pay on the back! Thanks for not giving up Hope!

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