17 thoughts on “Tears

  1. Wow. That must have been heart breaking honey. I can't imagine feeling that way. I can't imagine how it made your momma's heart feel. She'll see – she's never leaving. Love you.

  2. I remember the day before our adoption as we were explaining what adoption is. Our son listened closely, then asked, "So, a while after that, I will go back in foster care, right?" Broke my heart too.

  3. Now I'm crying. Bless her heart. Honestly, I think J thought the same thing (even though she's been home for 5 years) until we did the commitment ceremony this June. Somehow something just clicked for her then….It will for Hope too. You're an amazing mother, L!

  4. Poor little girl…imagine living with that as your foundational understanding of how things work. No wonder her daily stress level is so close to the breaking point. Mine would be too. :-(Hugs to you. You're a great mom. Keep reminding her of your love. It takes time, but more and more, she will grasp it.

  5. (((((((((((((♥)))))))))))))It is only in hindsight of RAD meltdown that I am beginning to understand their perspective. It really helps me to understand that our RADs only know disruption… "Parents leave." and/or "I leave Parents."Our older RAD had an estimated 17 sets of "parents" before us.) They have no experience what-so-ever to base the promise of a "forever family" on. You are one awesome momma!!!!!Keep on keeping on…

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