I had so much fun at the Strong National Museum of Play with my Trauma Mamas, that today I am taking my whole crew to the museum. We came up last night, had a nice dinner, and went swimming. It was our one year anniversary with Hope. The Texas parents called. Hope seems to be OK- at least no more RAD them usual. I hope it lasts at last through museum. I am looking forward to the visit.

GB was supposed to stay with Bio-grandparents tomorrow, but they called and said her Birthmother will be there. GB started crying, saying over and over “you won’t make me go, will you”. I told GB I wouldn’t make her go and now the bio’s have decided I am trying to keep her away from them. They say I am trying to keep her away from GB. Sometimes, open adoptions are difficult. Yesterday was one of those times.

2 thoughts on “Mini-Break

  1. Hoping you have tons of fun!Hate that the bios can't understand that it's about what is best for GB. So glad GB has a great mom that does what is necessary rather than what is popular.

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