Private D

Getting updates on D has been very difficult. His GF took over his face book and  and she blocked anybody from the last five years of his life that had any amount of contact with us. But everybody knows somebody and an update found its way to us. D and the army are a great fit. They tell him what to do and he does it. He likes not having to think.

D and the girlfriend are married, with her living on base with him. She is either pregnant or trying to get pregnant. The world will be blessed with yet another generation  of Ds that can’t function or take care of itself.

I am happy that our legal guardianship ended upon D’s successfully completing Basic Training. I am angry that all we put into him was unappreciated. I try to put the anger aside. Appreciation is not why we took him, so the lack of appreciation isn’t really relevant. He is an adult and his choices are his. He has to live with them and we can move on. It is harder on the Dad. I hope he can come to terms with it. Some days the dragon wins.

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