Adoptive Parent Bloggers

I am an adoptive parent blogger. Some of my friends are, too, and most of my Soul Sisters. I love and appreciate everyone of them. Some adoptive parent bloggers are not part of my support network. They are not my friends and I agree with little they say, one adoptive parent blogger in particular. I am not naming names or providing links, because the last thing I want is for this woman to get more traffic. Repeatedly going after vulnerable people, by name, to make her point is an act of cowardliness.

I am ever so grateful to all my adoptive parent bloggers, my support network, for just doing the best you can, day by day. Having you there makes me a better mother.

17 thoughts on “Adoptive Parent Bloggers

  1. I think she craves (negative) attention and confrontation. I will not link or name names for that very reason, If she wants to pick on a former foster kid, she is more than welcome to pick with me, but I suspect I am not vulnerable enough to make it fun. Nor do i have a large enough following to get her the traffic she wants. I am not playing her reindeer games.

  2. Perhaps you are envious!Actually, you are. She has tons of supporters with tons of comments I can count your commenters with the fingers on one hand. P.S. Don't bother responding to me in your comments section because I have no interest in coming back to your useless little blog (with no traffic) to see your response!

  3. I don't know how I missed this post! I'm sorry that you've been hurt by another blogger. I'm feelin' you with that one! Life is too short to attack other people. We need to show each other grace in this life and if nothing else, move on to other blogs that encourage and uplift us. No one ties our hands behind our backs and makes us read any specific one. We are given many choices. Thank you for being strong and weathering every storm. You are a blessing!

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