Can’t Have One Without Having Them All

Thank you for all the prayers yesterday. I needed them as much as I have ever needed them. Our kids feel tension in anybody else and feed on it, Hope had a Ragefest all day yesterday. I was ready to put her to bed before  2 PM. I hung in there until the Dad got home around 6:45. Hope just kept going and when the Dad tried to intervene, she hit him multiple times. As a result, The Dad had her in bed before I had cleaned up dinner. GB reacts differently to stress. She broke down twice yesterday, crying in my arms for over a half hour each time. Comforting her and keeping Hope from hurting either of us was energy draining. This morning GB was up at 4:30 AM. I couldn’t settle her down to sleep again, so our day began very early. It is only a little past 9 and I am ready for lunch. I will try to settle everybody today and look for a better day tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Can’t Have One Without Having Them All

  1. That sounds exhausting. Wish I were closer to give you a break. My girl is actually great with younger kids and would love to help keep Hope or GB entertained for a while.

  2. Continuing to pray. (((hug))) Wish I were closer too. Sorry it's so tough right now. I'm hoping that as she rages right now, that she rids herself of some of the pain.

  3. It never ceases to amaze me that one nut up can cause a major spin off for everyone to nut up. Always in bunches. Hoping you find some time for just you in a nice quiet spot….even if it's the bathroom.

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