Follower of Christ

We went to church today. Hope is still stuck, but life won’t wait for ever. The sermon started by asking why “they” were holding hands and celebrating as “they” walked down the street because “their” law passed and Christians were nowhere to be found. I missed most of the rest of the sermon because I stayed stuck right there. This quote came to mind:

I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.

Mohandis Ghandi

As I watched everybody clapping and yelling “halleluiah”  in response to the images of Christians taking to the streets to proclaim God’s rejection of same sex relationships, I felt detached. Why would this image be something to celebrate? I looked around at other church members. The ones who were loudest and most in agreement are the same ones who have no tolerance for Hope. The same ones who went after MK last summer. These are the people who are sure they are going to heaven, even if nobody else is. Their love is confined to those most like them. They show no compassion. The amount of righteousness in the room was suffocating.

I came back to the sermon towards the end. The pastor was telling the people that they should proclaim what God is to them any time and any where the Spirit moves them. I was about to ask if that applied in the middle of a sermon, when my friend behind me grabbed my shoulder and told me the pastor wasn’t talking to me.

He probably wasn’t. Maybe followers of Christ need a new name. “Christian” seems to be already taken.

11 thoughts on “Follower of Christ

  1. Oh this really touches on how I feel about a lot of church attendees…that is what I will call them. How are they to be so self righteous? The more I try to live my life according to what God wants, the harder it is for me to swallow. I totally understand what you are saying! I have visited many churches never to return again b/c of this. I currently love the one I go to, even though it is nothing like the one I grew up in, and my family doesn't approve.

  2. I like to ask myself – where would Jesus have been? Talking to the sinners, that is where! Why do we feel that we have to be perfect to worship? That those who worship with us must show no signs of sin? Christ came to save the sinners, and I am one of them! And I know that He loves me! There are so many people who have no idea of how hard it is to parent a hurt child, and who perpetuate the hurt by their actions. God bless.

  3. People like you make me see that religion can be a force for good. Over the years I've made friends with a few Christians, Muslims and observent Jews who emphasise that point. I'm unlikely to share those beliefs but can at least see where they're coming from. Sadly the majority of religious people I encountered early on in life were more like the folks from your church. Is there a different one you could go to that would be more tolerant of your kids?

  4. That is such a great quote from Ghandi. It encompasses my feelings toward many "Christians" as well. Just know – YOU are a true example of what it means to be a Christian. Giving so much of yourself, working so hard to heal those kids every day. In raising my sister (a RADling), we were often very late to Mass, causing disruptions or leaving early… because my parents chose to be selfless. They chose to accept, and love unconditionally. They chose to be true followers of Christ. Funny how imperfect real Christianity can look to those "holier-than-thou" types. 🙂

  5. 😦 I hear ya sister. To learn to be gentle with myself and to heal from long years of illness I've had to move away from the judgments of the church and towards mindfulness and loving acceptance. To learn to be less judging of others and embrace them fully in love (my best friends in med school are two amazing men who also happen to be gay) I've had to move even farther from the church and closer to the knowledge that Jesus never supported injustice. To learn to embrace ALL of my patients and some of my classmates who may be difficult to deal with I've had to rediscover a God of love FAR bigger than any church building or self righteous sermon can contain. I may be headed straight for hell according to some. But I will do so trying fiercely to love even a tiny sliver of how God loves. You are a light in the darkness for me, and I am sure many others! In choosing to raise your girls, and bravely choosing to speak about it here. Thanks for your post.

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