Coming Into Her Own

GB lost it late this afternoon, while transitioning from the pool to dried and dressed. We made it through, but while getting changed ourselves, The Dad and I considered not going out to dinner as planned. I went downstairs and discovered GB had put on her weighted vest and gotten her Ernie out and was cuddling him. She was completely regulated and had little difficulty handling dinner. When I complimented her on pulling herself back from her meltdown, she said, with great dignity, “Ernie and my vest ALWAYS help”. I love stability! It makes the FASD and Autism SO much easier to live with.

11 thoughts on “Coming Into Her Own

  1. Love it! Great job GB and Mom! My girl noticed a punching bag in the trunk of my car this morning that I picked up for cheap, but haven't even bothered to unload yet. She said, "Is that for when I get mad?" I told her that she can use it if she's mad, or anytime she wants, but she's been doing a great job of being the boss of her mad all on her own lately.

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