Tuesday Therapy

Yesterday was therapy. The therapist said Hope was accomplishing a lot in therapy, but was unable to tolerate therapy for more than a short time. On the way home, Hope raged until she fell asleep. I said nothing to her, because anything I say makes it worse. Instead, I concentrated on driving and imagined the earth opening up and swallowing the Texas parents. Not Christian, not productive, not even particularly fair. It got me home. Sometimes I don’t like myself when I am dealing with Hope.

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Therapy

  1. I know this feeling too well — I get frustrated with my daughter… see other kids and their parents enjoying being with them… having them get swallowed up for a little while wouldn't be such a bad thing… would it?

  2. I day dream about being present when my daughter was born and snatching her away immediately, saving her from the four years of abuse, neglect and abandonement with her biological parents and the five years bouncing around foster care after that.

  3. Oh darling it is totally understandable why you feel that way. I would feel the same way probably. Poor little Hope….Poor little GB's Mom. I really do feel for you and the girls. There is so much struggle but I am always blown away by your ability to get through it. You are stronger than you know. (hug)

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