Too Much Time Away

We have been away from home for much too long. It isn’t by choice. While we were in the North Carolina mountains, my parents house sold. Bittersweet news. Good that the house sold.  Good that it is time to move on. However, time is dragging me along, even though I don’t feel ready.

We were suppose to be on our way  yesterday. We weren’t. The Dad bought MK a plane ticket home. She is afraid of flying. She spent the night telling me how horrible I am. It  got old quick. I lost count of the number of times Hope raged. When she wasn’t raging she was poking. Chinese water torture. GB did OK- until bedtime. It took her over an hour to cry herself to sleep. Nothing I said or did made a difference.

Today is a new day. We still aren’t going home. Maybe the day will be better anyway.

4 thoughts on “Too Much Time Away

  1. I do feel for MK a little bit, I also get really anxious about flying and no matter how irrational I KNOW it is ones the fear starts, the adrenalin kicks in, even at my age I can’t always shut it down on my own, and I get stuck in the cycle. (thank g-d for Xanax / beta blockers!)

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