Pray for me

I am in the van, traveling to NC. All six of us, plus Ellie the service dog. I should be asking for prayers for Hope, but I am unable to be that unselfish at the moment. Therapeutic Big Girl Panties, where are you when I need you most?

9 thoughts on “Pray for me

  1. May the Lord give you patience, strength, endurance and compassion. May He give your girls peace, security, and calmness.Deep breaths…smell the flower…blow the candle.

  2. You drive there? I'd pray for you even if Hope didn't have RAD. Maybe if trying to stop / calm your mind doesn't work, you could try to imagine all the ways you would prefer to get Hope to NC. (on the luggage rack …) or make plans on how to design a police cage into a van … How do they transport criminals anyway? They can't have them wearing seatbelts? How could you get to be allowed to do the same thing? (But of course such musings are only useful if they stop themselves before going too far.)How long does it take to get there?

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