GB’s Gymnastics

 GB’s end of the year gymnastics show was last night. Hope raged before and after the show, but was quiet while it was happening. GB was nervous, excited, and tipped into overwhelmed a couple of times. Her bio-grandparents came and made her night. They cheered, they clapped, and they took pictures. When the show was over, we all went to the chinese buffet for dinner. GB talked as much as she ate. Hope spent  more time looking for trouble than she did eating. When the Dad announced GB was riding with him, Hope went into a rage. I am getting awfully tired of dealing with rages. Hope has very little cause and effect reasoning

and is always shocked when she doesn’t get what she wants. The Dad has difficulty dealing with her for more than an hour at a time.

GB will be moving to the highest class her gym has. She was apprehensive, but after the show today, she decided she could keep up with them. Only one of  her NT friends made that class, so next year will be different.

The only thing that remains constant is change. My grandbaby is growing up.

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