Reality Check

Yesterday, after school, Hope, GB, and I went to meet GB’s MSC (Medicaid Service Coordinator) at Mickey D’s. I had a bunch of paper work to sign and a report to read. The report cover GB’s needs and deficits and was still four pages long. GB’s social skills and adaptive behavioral skills are at approx four years. Reading this report made me wonder if the correct diagnosis for GB is Autism, rather than PDD-NOS or Aspergers. GB chit chatted with the MSC and when she was done, went off to play. Hope followed GB around, getting in face and interfering with what ever she was doing in the play place. GB got more and more irritated and Hope could not be redirected. I finally had Hope sit  next to me and got through everything I needed to.

We went home. GB wanted nothing to do with Hope and my head was still back with the report. We were having a huge thunder storm, which kept  the girls inside. They bickered, I separated them. One clung, then the other clung, then they both tried to cling. We had dinner. I took both girls upstairs for night time meds. They were bickering again. I told them both to knock it off and Hope clawed me.

The night never really got better. This morning GB was teary and Hope flat out refused to get on the bus. My head is still at yesterday’s meeting. Need to reset before the weekend.

3 thoughts on “Reality Check

  1. That's true. It can be very hard to switch gears at times. I'm so sorry.Generally Aspergers has not speech delay but infantile Autism does. One of the reasons my son was diagnosed with the latter was because he had been speech delayed.

  2. Oh the joys of siblings, especially those with different / competing special needs. Mr L got back last night and I've had more screaming in the hours since than I had all week. Ditto for my husband's experience.My biggest fear when Ms A was growing up was that she would not progress past being a 3-year-old. She stuck at 5-8, which is still no fun, but IMO far better than 3. GB is still very young and is capable of a lot more growth; she won't stay 4. The key, of course, is finding the right way(s) to get the information in (Neuropsych eval.) and then being very creative in modifying all lessons to use those pathways. Also physical work that encourages brain development combined w/ sensory stimulation. Is she in OT?It is also my understanding that autism dx requires significant speech delays. I know a mom in my town whose kid has PDD-NOS, she is having success with applied behavioral therapy. Then again, her kid is not also FAS.{{ Hugs }}

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