Not Enough Safe Places in this World

As a result of Hope’s meltdown Monday at gymnastics and her rage on the way home Sunday, I would not drive her an hour to therapy yesterday. The Dad came home and took both girls. The therapist thought it was great that Hope verbalized that she had a meltdown, even though Hope couldn’t tell her why. Therapist and Dad discussed whether my “difficulty” reading Hope’s body language could be contributing to Hope giving me a hard time. UGH.

Hope is back on the full dose of the Risperdal. I just walked 1 mile with Ellie for the 500 club (now at 33/500). Now I am going to lay down in the air conditioning because 1) I am hot, 2) I am still sore, 3) I am feeling overwhelmed.

Of course, that won’t last long… we have a 2:15 therapy appointment with Hope at the school. Sigh.

4 thoughts on “Not Enough Safe Places in this World

  1. I strongly doubt it was something you did or didn't do. Most kids manage not to fly into a murderous rage when someone "doesn't read their body language correctly".There could also be another cause. My familiarity with psychiatric medications is very limited but I've often heard of excessively strong rages when tapering down or stopping completely. They thought it was the illness coming through but it was actually withdrawal. May be something to consider

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